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Kier Hall is a York based musician currently working towards a PhD at The University of York. He plays in many busy function bands and teaches piano, drums, accordion and composition. As a performer, he has studied under John Taylor, Martin France, Julian Argüelles and Steve Watts and has performed extensively in bands across the UK. Kier has spent time in Cuba learning traditional Cuban piano and percussion styles including son, rumba and mambo. These styles often filter into his compositional process.

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I teach piano, drums, percussion and accordion to all ages in and around York.

I am very fortunate to have learnt under John Taylor (Kenny Wheeler Quartet), Janet Fulton (The Hallé Orchestra) and Julian Argüelles (Loose Tubes).

Each lesson is tailored to suit the student's requirements and interests. Whether the student is just starting out or if they've been playing for years, the lessons I provide are consistently enjoyable and rewarding.

My qualifications include Grade 8 on Piano, Drum Kit, Snare Drum & Xylophone, BA(Hons) in Music and MA in Music Composition from The University of York.


...for jazz band, Cuban band and chamber ensembles

The Face Without Name

Large Chamber Ensemble

"Cuban Music You
Can't Dance To"

And the Vultures Started Circling

String Quartet


Piano, Cello, Drums

Four Stories for
Two Percussionists


Trumpet, Piano, Snare, Congas

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